The Mason Center for Health Workforce serves as an anchor institution to lead collective efforts in health workforce planning and development for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Center utilizes a collective impact strategy to leverage Mason’s considerable scale, resources, and faculty expertise to connect and support workforce program planning in Virginia. The Center has a foundational structure built on three primary activity streams.

Three primary activity streams include:

  • Data Analysis and Research: conduct activities related to workforce data collection, evaluation, and data analysis
  • Training and Education: encompasses health workforce training development, learning, and program activities
  • Integration and Innovation: coordinate business development, technology, and strategic initiatives for heath workforce programs to continue to provide state of the art solutions

Regions We Serve

Workforce Regions Served

Our Values

Helping our partners, our communities and health workforce achieve their full potential through the shared pursuit of five core values.

Our Values

Collective Impact Model

Collective Impact is a strategy that provides a structure for cross-section leaders to develop a common agenda for solving a specific social problem. This model consists of a common agenda, sacred measurements, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and backbone support. Each component will build upon a developmental continuum where there is a common vision and purpose, meaningful power-sharing, mutual learning, and mutual accountability for results. At a time of considerably uncertainty about what the future holds in the post COVID-19 health landscape there is opportunity to align community organizations assets to meaningfully impact the health, economic and social factors in the future health workforce pipeline.

Creating Collective Impact

Collective Impact Process

Will utilize a collective impact process model to meet the training and educational demands of a growing and changing health workforce in Virginia

Technical & Programatic Support

Support expansion of our workforce partners and affiliates across Virginia

Planning & Development

Offer technical support, provide data analytics and establishing infrastructure for state-wide and regional health workforce planning and development

Collective Impact Model