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Leading Thriving Organizations Certificate

“The Fall 2022 Leading Thriving Organizations Certificate Program focuses on leaders in the healthcare industry. The Mason Health and Public Safety Workforce Resiliency Training Program will cover program costs for nurses, social workers, public health practitioners, and healthcare managers and leaders.

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GCH 325: Stress and Well-Being

As part of the resiliency training program the GMU College of Health and Human Services is offering tuition waivers for the online GCH 325 Stress and Well-Being Course starting in the Fall 2022 semester. Applicants with a major or minor in nursing, social work, community health, healthcare management and other frontline healthcare fields and those living or working in rural and/or undeserved areas will receive priority for the tuition waivers. If you are interested in applying for a tuition waver for GCH 325 Stress and Well-Being Course complete the application form. You will be notified by email if you are selected for the tuition waiver. If you have questions, please contact Professor Goldberg at

Mental Health First Aid Certificate

The Mental Health First Aid Certificate is offered in collaboration with the National council for Mental Well-Being. This program provides information about the signs and symptoms of common mental illness and a strategy for connecting with those demonstrating such indicators. Training sessions for health care workers (such as public health professionals, medical assistants, community health workers, managers and administrative staff) are offered twice per year.

There will be two course offerings in fall 2022 sponsored by the Mason Health and Public Safety Workforce Resiliency Training Program. The application portal will be available shortly

Resiliency Building Simulation

Our Simulation Laboratory in the Peterson Family Health Sciences Hall will be used to facilitate inter-professional collaboration and learning experience to reduce burnout, address mental health, and substance use disorders among health professionals. The Simulation Lab provides a foundation for critical reasoning, synthesis, and analysis of increasing complex care scenarios through high-fidelity clinical simulation and high-quality debriefing practices. We will expand our use of simulation practices by developing inter-professional case scenarios that center on mental health challenges and substance use disorders among health workers.

Digital Resilience Badge for Frontline Healthcare Workers

The Resilience Badge is a fully online, asynchronous experience organized into six learning modules. The objective of the Resilience Badge program increases self-awareness and enables more flexible, adaptable, and creative thinking, giving participants greater agency in solving problems, responding to challenges, making decisions, and building a healthy life.  Those who complete the requirements for the learning modules will receive a Resilience Badge and will be eligible for CEUs. 

Leading to well-Being Speaker Series

We offer monthly webinars on a range of topics that address health and well-being issues. Webinars are typically 1½ hours and provide an opportunity for audience members to interact with experts on health and well-being issues across industries. We plan on hoisting future seminars in-person at conferences and venues.